There are many ways to train on the hangboard, we will introduce you to sequential training. These exercises begin at the beginning of each new minute and can last from five to forty seconds. Here we will present only 5, 8 and 10 minute training. After completing the exercise, use the remaining time to rest, during which it is important to stretch, shake your hands and chalk. Train the sequence for 2-4 weeks.

Start by warming up, doing a few exercises, stretching and flowing blood. Drink side by side to keep the tendons hydrated. The middle M holds should be able to last a maximum of 30 seconds and the small S holds a maximum of 20 seconds. If you hold these grips longer, you need to take off a finger and go to M3, S3, etc. Start sowing with four fingers until it's easy, then with three fingers until it's easy, etc.

Understand that you only hold all your weight with your fingers and a huge amount of strain is placed on all muscles, tendons, etc. If you have been seriously injured in the arm area in the past, proceed with caution PLEASE .

For beginners, creating a stable base of strength and endurance is a million times more important than specific isolated training. First, climb up and learn how your body responds to different loads before deciding to move to a specific isolated workout. Use it only as a supplement, not as a substitute.

For intermediate climbers, use this training only two to three times a week to achieve increased performance. Do not use the same workout for more than 3-4 weeks, as your body will adapt and will soon require new and more difficult forms of training. 

                                                                                                                                                                           Frank Ocasio