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WOOD BOARD air is a double-sided board that fits into any climbing backpack.

Extremely light and compact, travel, hanging rail suitable for rocks to warm up and activate fingers / muscles before climbing. It is also suitable for training at home, on the wall, on vacation or at work.

The board can be hung / fastened with a cable, thanks to which different inclinations / difficulties can be achieved. You can hold on to it with only one hand, or help yourself from the other side.

It is made from one piece of long dried linden.

Why linden wood?

  • is extremely light (compared to other wood species - beech, oak, ash)
  • is soft, pleasant to the touch
  • saves your skin and allows for longer / more intense workouts
  • does not slip
  • it looks beautiful and smells nice linden
  • is the Czech national tree 

On WOOD BOARD air there is an upper rounded handle, on one side there is a small 1 cm crimp and on the other side there is a 2.5 cm deep crimp.

We recommend using magnesium, which protects your skin and the bar itself.

Cleaning: WOOD BOARD brush. It has ideally hard bristles that do not damage soft wood. The brush is not included.

Size: 150x60x35mm

Weight: only 130g

Made in Zlín, Czech Republic


490.00 Kč 690.00 Kč