WOOD BOARD trip is the most compact board on the market.

Very light, foldable, travel, hanging board suitable for rocks to warm up and activate fingers / muscles before climbing. It is also suitable for training at home, on the gym, on vacation or at work.

The board can be hung / fastened with a cable, thanks to which different inclinations / difficulties can be achieved.

It is made from one piece of long dried linden.

Why linden wood?

  • is extremely light (compared to other wood species - beech, oak)
  • is soft, pleasant to the touch
  • saves your skin and allows for longer / more intense workouts
  • does not slip
  • it looks beautiful and smells n
  • ice linden is the Czech national tree 

The board has upper rounded handles, 2 and 2.5 cm deep bars.

We recommend using chalk, which protects your skin and the bar itself.

Cleaning: WOOD BOARD brush. It has ideally hard bristles that do not damage soft wood. The brush is not included.

Size: 350x60x35mm

Weight: only 290g

Made in Zlín, Czech republic


Shipping to 24h

990.00 Kč